Thursday, May 15, 2008

GQ Magazine at Stoli Hotel

making it rainOn Tuesday night, Stoli propped up a mock hotel with all the amenities of a real high-class hostel. The event was one in a series, were Stoli teams up with magazines to throw parties.

They start by setting up their traveling hotel, complete with rooms, a spa, and a woefully inadequate bathroom setup, in otherwise raw spaces. GQ just happen to know of a garage in Chelsea. Then they added freely flowing vodka, the misshapes, and a crowd that is mostly there to look for that career bolstering meeting.

Oper8tor and I soaked in some of fine men and women that attended from the best spot to see it all, the middle of it all. We tried our best to capture and present a glimpse of the pageantry.

Go Here for more of the pictures.

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