Monday, September 10, 2007

Jezebel's Howl

In the soon to be debunked Galapagos Art Space the "Jezebels" of the Jezebel Music Dot Com's "Consignment" event sang, strummed, and beat their immoral promiscuous hearts out. This reporter missed the opening act by a bit...but I did catch their name Low Lustre the fellas made a good show of it for certain. They were followed by the quirking duo of BobbyBlue.

This decidedly soprano singer has an eclectic mix of traditional Latin songs and cheery upbeat originals that he belts out to the beat of his standing drummer.

What What Where headlined, this sextet of electro somethings rocked a hard six song set to the gleeful appreciation of the crowd of onlookers. As with any good "Jezebels" the acts were dripping with sweat, going hard, and not stopping until we were all done, thanks for the good time, Jezzies.

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