Saturday, September 15, 2007

Remembering Terror is so Romantic

The romanticizing of the acts of terror that befell us all on 9.11 started almost immediately preceding the attacks: "the day that will be etched in the American physique forever", "the day the world changed", "heroes which shall never be forgotten"...the news media was quick to quantify the days event into neat phases strangely remittance of marketing phrases or movie tag lines. The media wasn't the only ones cashing in on this new market demographic...the 9.11 patriot or the scared shitless citizen. To cater to this new customer, almost overnight, bomb sniffing dog training schools popped up, the tall tower evacuation parachute was unveiled, new terror prevention security agencies formed, and American flags along with trash bags and duct tape were flying off Wal-Mart shelves. The unthinkable was coming true, America was uniting(under the roof a of the local mega store only), and it's still happening six years later...just on a much smaller scale, on the banks of the east river.

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